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Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog Shooting Series: Dry Fire Training With A Pencil [VIDEO & Download]

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By Chris Sajnog, Author Navy SEAL Shooting

Dry weapons training (a.k.a. dry fire) is one of the most effective training tools you have at your disposal. It not only saves you time and money because you can do it at home, but it also helps you learn to shoot faster than learning at a live fire range. Now, am I saying that dry weapons training or practicing without live ammunition is better than actually shooting a gun? Yes.

If you need a review as to why it’s better, review my article about Dry Weapons Training in the New Rules of Marksmanship series. In it I explain how mammals (that’s you) learn any skill by developing neural pathways. Loud noises and picking up brass don’t help form these pathways, but in the case of the loud noises can actually hurt your learning.


Yes, there are lots of people out there who will say I’m wrong. They will say that dry fire only helps trigger control or some will even say that dry fire is bad and that it teaches poor technique.  And at one point most people thought the world was flat — but as we explore and study more, we learn and evolve. These detractors are simply stuck in the old rules and have developed cognitive dissonance against changing from how they were taught. Listen, I was taught the same way, and it took me looking outside of our community to find the answers.

I’ve spent the past four years studying how we learn. I’ve studied the greatest athletes, musicians’ and chess players — and they all develop elite skills the same way. I studied the latest in neuroscience and how the brain works to learn motor skills. This all led to my development of the New Rules of Marksmanship and a fundamental shift if the way firearms are taught — and one of the seven rules is dry fire training.

One of the drawbacks, maybe the only drawback, of dry fire training is it can be a little…dry. Maybe that’s why so many old shooter fight against dry fire with such blind passion? That’s why I designed the pencil drill and target — to make firearms training at home more effective and more fun!

By using dry fire training and other modern training resources, I’m able to remotely coach hundreds’ of people who have signed up for my online firearms training memberships. The results speak for themselves.

The only way to get better is to practice — now “boring” is one less excuse!

OK, so if you got access to this new technology called the World Wide Web, get on the line, watch the video and then download the free training target and instructions.


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