Trump To Chuck Todd: I’ll Stop Running For President When You Stop Calling [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump insisted “if I was dropping in the polls where I saw that I wasn’t gonna win, why would I continue?” when asked by Chuck Todd about his elections plans.

Appearing Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Trump explained, “I’m not a masochist” and if he sees himself in a position that he can no longer win, he said he would return to his business because he is a “realist.”

Trump said, “If I were doing poorly, if I saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me ’cause you no longer have any interest in Trump because ‘he has no chance,’ I’d go back to my business.  I have no problem with that.”

Trump added, “I believe in polls. You know, how many elections do you see where the polls were wrong?  Not that many.  Okay.  You see ’em, but not that many.” However, if Trump were to drop a few position in the polls and it looked like he should “not be running any longer,” he said he would “get out.”  But he did indicate that currently “in all fairness, I think I’m in the exact opposite position right now.”

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