Democratic Senator Accuses Congress Of Endorsing Mass Murderers By Not Passing Gun Control Legislation [VIDEO]

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Democrat Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut accused Congress of “quietly endorsing…mass murders” by not passing gun control legislation Monday on “MSNBC Live.”

Murphy claimed that these mass murderers who have “their minds unhinged, note that there is no one here in… Congress who is getting together to do something about it in a practical way.”

Murphy warned that if Congress does not pass any gun control legislation, “we are going see more and more of the mass slaughters.”

Thomas Roberts: You heard about Hillary Clinton’s plan today, it includes comprehensive federal background check legislation, it tightens rules governing gun shows and internet sales, repeals a law that prevents crime victimless from suing gun manufacturers, revokes the licenses of back actor dealers. So we’ve been asking the viewers whether they think Clinton’s plan or one like it could work. I want your take on that and whether you believe as she’s calling for some more executive actions right now if she were to be president, do you think that President Obama could do more? They say they’ve exhausted the possible executive actions on this issue without the help of Congress.

Chris Murphy: Well, I think that Secretary Clinton today outlined some additional executive actions the Obama administration certainly can take a look at. It would involve bringing in more dealers all across the country who are outside of the requirement to do background checks into that requirement.

Roberts: It would basically call them businesses so they would have different guidelines for their sales.

Murphy: Yeah. It would be an acknowledgment of people that are showing up at the gun shows on a weekly or a weekend basis and are acting much more like full-time gun dealers than part time gun dealers and people are selling on the internet doing enough volume that they should be doing background checks, as well. So there’s room with respect to executive action and I think the president said that during his statement last week that he’s going to be looking at additional ways that he can work without Congress, but they are going to hit a ceiling some point and if we want real meaningful change, then we’ve got to do something. I’ve said for a long time I think Congress is effectively quietly endorsing these mass murders because people who are having their minds unhinged, note that there is no one here in the elected legislative branch of Congress who is getting together to do something about it in a practical way. So I think that without Congress acting here, we are going see more and more of the mass slaughters, and that’s an abomination.

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