Bernie Panders: It’s Clear That Black Lives Matter More Than Others

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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In a Monday interview with “Ebony,” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that after meeting with movement organizers, he now understands why “Black Lives Matter is more significant than All Lives Matter.”

“We met on several occasions and those meetings have all been very productive. Many white people are not sensitive to the kind of abuse that African Americans, especially younger African Americans, receive at the hands of police officers and police departments,” explained the 74-year-old socialist.

“For most whites their experience with the police has been good or neutral because they don’t interact with the police as much as those in the black community.”

Additionally, Sanders pointed to the recent death of Sandra Bland to illustrate his point.

“Clearly if Sandra Bland, who was a middle class black woman, had been a middle class white woman, it is unlikely that the police would have treated her in the same way. It’s unimaginable [what happened to her] but it’s a reality that has absolutely got change.”

[h/t: Ebony]

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