In Rare Interview, Matt Drudge Worries About An NSA-Equipped Hillary Clinton [AUDIO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Internet news pioneer Matt Drudge made an impromptu appearance on the Alex Jones Show Tuesday and offered to switch places with Edward Snowden if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

During the 40-minute interview, the Drudge Report proprietor riffed on a variety of political topics and current events. He decried the present state of journalism and praised his and Jones’ willingness to go against the grain of the mainstream media.

On the topic of the presidential race, Drudge said that he is “very pessimistic,” calling Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, “the dreaded brain in the jar in the Oval Office.”

“I’ve got a long history with these people,” Drudge said of the Clintons. The Florida-based web guru rose to fame in the late-1990s after breaking the story of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

“They’re ugly, they play dirty,” Drudge said of the former first couple. “They sued me for $30 million last time around, with the approval of the president, announced by the press secretary of the White House. A civil action.”

Drudge was referring to a lawsuit filed by longtime Clinton insider Sidney Blumenthal. He sued Drudge after he     published a report claiming that Blumenthal had abused his wife. Drudge retracted the story and apologized. Blumenthal’s lawsuit was settled in 2001 with a judge ordering him to pay Drudge’s travel costs.

In the interview, Drudge expressed concern for his own freedom at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“And they didn’t have the NSA then. They had Echelon,” Drudge said, referring to the global spy network exposed, in part, by Snowden.

“Hillary Clinton with the NSA? Good luck if you dissent. Good luck if you dissent,” Drudge said.

“Snowden, I’ll switch places with you,” he offered. “You can come over here and rot in hell, because that’s what it’s going to be.”


In another segment of the interview, Drudge asserted that the media is covering up news that Clinton has had affairs.

“Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? Excuse me. Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers?” Drudge asked. Rumors have floated around for years that the former secretary of state has also had affairs. “Where is the cover-up on this? So many issues that are suppressed on a daily basis.”

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