DMV Meltdown: Police Keep Their Cool While Irate Woman Pitches A Fit Over Wrong Paperwork [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A furious woman in Philadelphia was caught on camera this weekend screaming at onlookers and resisting police officers because she brought the wrong paperwork to the DMV.

Delaware talk show host Larry Mendte was in a Philadelphia PennDot DMV on Saturday, where he filmed an unidentified woman who was so irate she didn’t bring the correct paperwork, the police had to be called. (RELATED: Calm Police Officers Find Treasure Trove Of Contraband In Irate, Racist Woman’s Car)

Mendte posted the video to both Facebook and YouTube, and said the woman was “out of control.” Mendte directed viewers to look beyond the woman’s actions, and notice how well the police treated her.

“Police showed amazing restraint and did a nice job of containing what could have been an awful situation,” Mendte wrote on his Facebook page.

Mendte wrote on YouTube the woman had been ranting for 30 minutes before the cops were called. Finally two police officers, as seen in the video, restrained and tried to calm the woman before six additional cops showed up, and were finally able to cuff her.


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