Kasich On Amnesty: ‘Let Them Stay’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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John Kasich told the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Tuesday that the idea of deporting all the illegal immigrants who are already in America is “just unbelievable.”

Kasich argued that for the illegal immigrants already in America “let them stay.”

John Kasich: The idea that we are going to pick these folks up and ship them out. I mean, that is just unbelievable. The thought of it. What are we going to do? Ride in neighborhoods and announce “Come on out now, you’re going to the border.” I mean, first of all, it would send sheer panic to our families. I mean, there are families here that live in fear of being divided. I mean, could you imagine, being a six or seven or eight-year-old kid and being told they are going to ship your dad out? That’s just not acceptable in America. So, and in terms of the whole immigration issue. You know, we need to look. Should we broaden it? We need to clean up the visas. But at the end of the day, people are here now, let them stay.


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