Congress Needs To See The Syrian Refugee Plight For The Myth And Danger It Is

REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

James Zumwalt Author, 'Bare Feet, Iron Will'
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On October 7th, the House of Representatives will hold hearings on President Obama’s initiative to open our doors to more than 100,000 Syrian refugees allegedly fleeing violence there.

Hopefully, participating representatives will do what Obama has failed to do by exposing the refugee plight for the myth it is and threat it poses.

The vast majority of these Muslim “refugees” are not Syrians seeking to escape violence but are economic migrants seeking to circumvent U.S. and European immigration laws to suck the teat of Western welfare states.

As a September 22nd National Review article reports, of 213,000 “refugees” that arrived in the April-June timeframe, only one in five were fleeing the violence in Syria as Eurostat, the European Union’s official statistical agency, determined.

Americans have always been a compassionate people, but we cannot allow our charity to blind us to possible dangers presented by a tsunami of Muslim migrants.

Such dangers were personally witnessed by one European woman caught up in this human tsunami in Europe.

Aida Bolevar, who speaks fluent Arabic, was recently traveling by train from Budapest to Vienna in the midst of thousands of such refugees trying to board the same train. Assuming she did not understand Arabic, the Muslims around her made no effort to hide what they were saying.

The first thing that struck her was how many of the refugees were young males—about 90% she estimated. Apparently, being in such a hurry to flee, they left wives and children behind.

Bolevar found herself running a gauntlet as these young Muslim males initially tried to block her from even entering the station and then attempted to grab her luggage.

Entering the station, she witnessed them defecating in public, arguing with each other and, for the few with women and children, beating them. Rejecting offers of food, many demanded money instead.

As the horde of refugees swarmed to board the train, some of the men grabbed a random child, who was then pushed ahead of the men to clear the way for them. The concern clearly was for no one but themselves.

Bolevar’s fear level rose, however, once seated on the train. She overheard these Muslim thugs talking amongst themselves about possibly robbing the other travelers or taking some as hostages. Upon eyeing Bolevar, they began discussing whether to rape her—an act Allah would find pleasing, they rationalized, as she was not properly dressed.

While supporters in favor of resettling these Muslim refugees in the U.S. might argue this is but one woman’s story, they need heed the stories of thousands of Swedish women who have come to understand raping infidel women is embraced by young male Muslims as a part of Islamic culture.

In the 1970s, Sweden began opening its doors to Muslim immigrants. Today, it is considered the rape capitol of the West.

A 2013 Swedish government report reveals that 77.6 percent of the rapes in the country are committed by foreign born (i.e., Muslim) males representing only 2 percent of its population. Rapes have spiked over 1000 percent since the 1970s.

As Bolevar overheard on her train, Muslim males view all non-Muslim women as viable rape targets—an act sanctioned by Allah. Were these women in a Muslim country where sharia was the rule of law, their fate would be far worse as Islamic law sanctions their being taken as sex slaves.

Several verses in the Quran sanction rape and other acts of violence against women. The Quran even goes so far as to say a believer who does not accept this has sinned.

Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram have put the spotlight in the West on this rape culture, but the basic teachings of Islam giving rise to it have remained in the dark. These teachings are no different than a sexually transmitted disease — once a Muslim male is so infected to believe his religion is superior to all others and therefore entitles him to rape non-Muslim women, he becomes a carrier of that mentality. This mentality is fed by sharia which imposes no accountability upon Muslim males for their conduct.

This should cause us further concern here in the U.S. as recent polls indicate a majority of American Muslims favor implementing sharia.

Ironically, these predominantly young male Muslim “refugees” are the ones who should be taking a stand against the violence that has driven them out of the Middle East. They are the ones who should be defending their women and children against it rather than leaving them behind to be victimized by it.

However, these Muslims place a much higher value upon their own lives than on fighting for a better life for their families in their own homeland. Some see a tolerant West, welcoming them with open arms, offering them phenomenal welfare benefits and providing them with an endless supply of sex slaves, as a much easier fight for that better life.

That better life for them will come at the expense of a much worse one for us.