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Hillary Clinton Sends GOP Candidates Copies Of Her Boring, Modest-Selling Book

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Hey, you fight with the weapons you have. Lord knows Hillary’s got plenty of unsold copies of Hard Choices.

Zeke J. Miller, Time:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she sent a copy of her 2014 book “Hard Choices” to all of her Republican rivals, saying she’s responding to their critiques about her record…

A campaign aide said the idea for the book distribution came after the Republican debate last month, when Clinton was discussing with aides between events in Maine and New Hampshire the Republican focus on her accomplishments as Secretary of State. She proposed sending her book to the candidates, along with a letter introducing them to her record.

I can’t help but notice that the things she lists as “accomplishments” haven’t really turned out so well. If our standing in the world has been restored, that’s news to the rest of the world. Iran is the furthest thing from crippled. And Gaza has not ceased fire. But other than that, good job.

Several of the candidates have responded. Bobby Jindal had the best one:

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P.S. Ouch.