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Ted Cruz Autographs AR-15 Receivers

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took the time to autograph some AR-15 lower receivers after a campaign event last month.

Deon Dunn, who is on the North Carolina Ted Cruz State Leadership Committee, approached Cruz after the Heritage Action’s Take Back America event on Sept. 18, 2015.

“Without hesitation Ted signed the receivers,” Dunn told the Daily Caller. “Ted is the strongest candidate on the Second Amendment.”

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz signs AR-15 parts

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz signs AR-15 parts. (Photo: Deon Dunn)

FMK Firearms manufactures the receivers known as the “AR1 eXtreme.”

According to FMK’s website the receiver is a “Multi-Caliber, Mil-Spec, AR15 Lower Receiver, manufactured in the USA of a high impact proprietary composite polymer. This state of the art polymer allows for superior strength, unmatched durability and is extremely lightweight only 4.3oz.”

They sell for $59.95 — without the senator’s signature.

FMK is best known for making the “Bill of Rights” handgun, a semi-automatic pistol, engraved with the Bill of Rights on the slide.

The receivers are “stripped down,” meaning they don’t possess the trigger components. But they are the part of the gun that has the serial number, so they are treated and transferred as if they were a functioning firearm.

Dunn said that a total of four receivers were signed. He is keeping one for himself, and the others are in the possession of FMK Firearms.

Jim Pontillo, FMK’s president, when asked what he plans to do with the receivers, responded, “Oh my gosh! I don’t know. We were so surprised to receive them.”