Obnoxious UConn Drunk Demands Jalapeno Bacon Mac And Cheese At Student Union, Gets Pummeled [VIDEO]

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Today’s viral Internet video sensation emanates from the University of Connecticut because an obviously wasted student wandered over to the Union Street Market on campus late Sunday night and demanded to be served “some fuckin’ bacon jalapeño mac and cheese.”

The Union Street Market manager on duty chose not to sell any bacon jalapeno mac and cheese to the student, Luke V. Gatti of Bayville, N.Y., because Gatti was failing to adhere to a local ordinance pertaining to open containers of alcohol.

Then things really, really escalated.

Over the next nine minutes or so, Gatti pitched a bizarre, embarrassingly juvenile fit which included a variety of vile, explicit insults directed toward the manager.

Eventually, with the help of a chef who basically appeared out of nowhere, the manager completely lost his cool and physically attacked the 19-year-old student.

A police officer then showed up, cuffed Gatti — with his face satisfyingly squashed to the floor — and arrested him.

Someone recorded all of these events for posterity and posted the video on YouTube.

Police had been alerted about the situation when someone called 911 and reported the ongoing incident, reports the Hartford Courant.

In addition to his newfound notoriety for being a world-historical jerkwad, Gatti now faces a pair of criminal charges: first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree breach of peace.

Gatti’s next court date is Oct. 13.


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