Spectacularly Incompetent TERRORIST Bill Ayers Asks Obama To Select Him As Secretary Of Education

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Unrepentant and spectacularly incompetent communist terrorist Bill Ayers has officially thrown his hat into the ring to replace departing U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

The left-wing radical tweeted his interest in becoming America’s chief education policymaker (and fifteenth in line of presidential succession) earlier this month:

Ayers’s bid is a long shot. John King, currently the deputy education secretary, is widely expected to replace Duncan when Duncan officially leaves office in December.

King, a former New York’s education chief, is most famous for canceling four town-hall meetings because parents refused to be quiet and listen to him. He will serve in an acting capacity until Obama’s presidency ends and thus avoid a Senate confirmation process. (RELATED: Education Bigwig Abandons Common Core Town Halls After Parents Try To Have Their Say)

Duncan, one of President Barack Obama’s longest-serving and most contentious Cabinet members, previously served as CEO of the Chicago Public Schools and has been on Obama’s Cabinet since the very beginning of his presidency. He is one of Obama’s closest friends in government. (RELATED: Obama’s Education Secretary Boasts Of Seeking Economic Advice From Chicago GANG LEADERS)

Ayers, meanwhile, is also notable for his friendship with Barack Obama. This friendship became a focus of controversy during the 2008 Democratic primary and subsequent general election.

Ayers is the fortunate son of a former CEO of a Commonwealth Edison corporate executive. He grew up rich and rich and idle. He became engrossed in radical politics as a college student and, in 1969, was a cofounder and leader of the Weather Underground, a communist revolutionary group.

He was involved in Chicago’s” Days of Rage” riot in 1969, which cost taxpayers in Chicago and the state of Illinois about $183,000. That’s over $1.13 million in today’s dollars.

The Weather Underground also conducted a series of bombings and attempted bombings of banks and the United States Capitol, the Pentagon and other government buildings. In 1970, three ham-handed colleagues of Ayers died in a Greenwich Village townhouse explosion trying to make a nail bomb.

In 1981, three more completely inept Weather Underground members participated in a brazen, grossly bungled $1.6 million Brinks truck heist along with members of the Black Liberation Army, a militant black nationalist group. The botched robbery resulted in the murder of a Brinks guard and two police officers.

From 1970 to 1973, Ayers’s wife, Northwestern University law professor and fellow Weather Undergrounder Bernardine Dohrn, threatened attacks on college graduation ceremonies across the country and expressed support for Charles Manson and his followers because “they killed those pigs.”

Ayers fled prosecution for his various terrorist activities. He became a federal fugitive but ultimately avoided all charges because of illegal FBI snooping.

In a 2001 book, Ayers admitted that he participated in bombings of the New York City Police Department headquarters, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Pentagon in the early 1970s. (RELATED: Inside The Daily Caller’s Dinner With Former Weather Underground Terrorists)

Ayers is one of two terrorists hired by the taxpayer-funded University of Illinois system. (RELATED: TERRORIST UNIVERSITY: The University of Illinois System Keeps Hiring Terrorists)

Ayers earned a doctoral degree in 1987 and enjoyed a 23-year career promoting radical politics in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, one of the ugliest campuses in America.

In 2010, the year he retired, Ayers was famously and unanimously denied emeritus status after a passionate speech by the University of Illinois system’s board chair Christopher G. Kennedy, who is the son of assassinated U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy.

Ayers has not allowed his commitment to Communist revolution to impair his enjoyment of comfort and indulgence.

Last November, for example, the failed communist terrorist luxuriated at the glitzy Hilton El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort in Tucson, Ariz. as he attended — and spoke at — a four-day conference of radical, far-left academics. Perks of the $179-per-night resort include four swimming pools, four restaurants, 45 gorgeous fairways for desert golfing, over 30 tennis courts, a 143-ft. water slide and hot- and cold-jetted tubs. (RELATED: Terrorist Mars Confab Of Radical Professors At Swanky Resort)

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