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We Need To Start Taxing White Privilege

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If the great Jay Leno has taught us anything, it’s that sticking a microphone into the faces of Californians means tapping into a rich, delicious vein of stupidity.

How dumb are Hillary Clinton’s supporters? Well, for one thing, they support Hillary Clinton. But more specifically, there’s this:

If you’re white, you have a lot of explaining to do. Even if you, personally, have never done anything bad to a black person, you’re still hurting black people just by existing. Do you really think you deserve the money you’ve earned, just because you’ve earned it? You’re white!

Check your privilege. Then write the underprivileged a check.

(Hat tip: Progressives Today)

P.S. Please note that this tax only applies to you if both of your parents are white. Obama doesn’t have to pay it, for example. George Zimmerman does, though, because screw that guy.