Michigan Football Coach Punishes Player For Drunk Driving By Forcing Him To Live With His Grandmother

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Michigan football player Graham Glasgow had few appealing options after getting arrested for drunk driving. His previous college football coach, Brady Hoke, might have kicked him off the team, but new Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh had a better plan to address Glasgow’s unacceptable behavior: force him to live with his 81-year old-grandmother Carmella, The Detroit News reports.

On March 15, 2014, Glasgow was arrested for drunken driving, and he later violated probation by failing a drug test a year later to the date of his initial arrest that revealed he had been drinking.

There was a new coaching regime in town and Glasgow knew that meant the punishment was going to be different. (RELATED: College Football Player Charged For Illegally Filming, Distributing Amateur Pornos)

Harbaugh eventually decided that Glasgow would need to live with his 81-year-old grandmother in order to stay clean, and it turned out to be an amazing decision. Glasgow, who has stayed out of trouble since the move has been made, told The Detroit News that, “It’s good for her and good for me to have someone cook for me and wash my stuff and watch after me in some ways.”

“She gets to cruise the streets, walk around and do whatever she wants. But she’s the nosiest person I’ve ever known,” he continued. “She has to know everything. She’ll say, ‘You’re back a little later, why is that? Were you being smart, Graham?’ Oh, Grandma.”

Carmella also enjoys the arraignment, and she forces Glasgow to watch her shows, including “Dancing with the Stars.” She also feels this is a mutually beneficial situation for everybody involved saying, “I’m an 81-year-old co-ed. I’m the only old lady on the elevator in the building. But this is a win-win for everybody. You know what I’m getting out of this? I see a lot of kids trying to find their way. They don’t know how they fit in yet. These are kids and, really, do we all know how we fit in yet?”

The extra guidance has got Glasgow refocused on the season for the 18th-ranked Michigan Wolverines. Glasgow will graduate on time with a degree in economics, and has focused on becoming a locker room leader. He also holds absolutely no ill will toward Harbaugh for forcing him into a non-traditional college living situation, and that he’s “very grateful” that Harbaugh is the coach.

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