Chelsea Clinton Expertly Handles Activist’s Questions About Bill’s Sexual Past [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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At a recent book signing in Austin, Texas, author and activist Robert Morrow confronted Chelsea Clinton with two inappropriate questions. Chelsea batted them away before Morrow was escorted out.

First, Morrow asked if Chelsea about a rumor that has been circulating for decades – that her “real father” is not former President Bill Clinton, but Clinton friend Webster Hubbell. Chelsea replied that she is very proud to be the daughter of her parents.

Then Morrow, under the guise of a question about her new book, asked if, like her book, she was aware her father Bill “also targeted teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?”

Unfazed, Chelsea responded by saying she is glad her book is resonating with young girls and boys, ignoring the question.


Morrow then left the signing, which continued without incident in his absence.