Daniel Craig Told To Quit B*tching About Being James Bond

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Sony executives are telling Daniel Craig to “shut up” and quit complaining about James Bond films, a new report claims.

During an Oct. 8 interview, the actor who has played Bond four times said he would rather “slit his wrists” than do another one of the franchise’s films.

Now, sources are telling Page Six that his Sony bosses are telling him to “shut up.” (RELATED: Think Daniel Craig Loves Playing James Bond? This Might Change Your Mind)

Daniel Craig done with James Bond

(Photo: Esquire)

“Craig is pretentious and thinks he’s better than Bond, that it doesn’t give him the creative range he needs,” one source said. “Plus he hasn’t had a big hit movie outside of the franchise, and he blames that on Bond.”

“They had problems initially with the script, Craig was injured on the set and needed knee surgery, and they were still doing reshoots last month, even though the movie is out in weeks,” another source said. “It was a very difficult shoot, to say the least.” (RELATED: Spectre’ Might Be Daniel Craig’s Last Bond Film)