Halperin: Hillary Clinton ‘Knows The Margin Of Error Is Zero For Her’ At Debate [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Mark Halperin explained that Hillary Clinton “knows the margin of error is zero for her, unlike for all the other candidates on that stage” at the Democratic debate Tuesday night.

Halperin, appearing on NBC’s “Today” Monday, suggested, “From Hillary Clinton’s point of view–the reality is baked in the cake for her–she gets tough scrutiny.”

Halperin said since Bernie Sanders claim’s he’s a “Democratic Socialist” and not a capitalist,  Clinton will try to suggest, “Do you all really want this to be our general election candidate? A guy on video who is saying ‘I’m not a capitalist.'” (RELATED:  Sanders: ‘No’ I’m Not A Capitalist, ‘I’m a Democratic Socialist’)

Host Matt Lauer asked Halperin how “potent a weapon” would Clinton’s flip-flopping on issues be for Sanders and Halperin explained, “My sense is he won’t hit her hard unless the moderators of the debate really insist on it. He wants to tell people what the message is.” (RELATED: Clinton Once Called TPP ‘Gold Standard’ And Had It Praised As Significant Achievement)