Have Democrats Gone Birther On Ted Cruz?

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Democrats have spent years declaring Republicans “birthers” after a few questioned whether President Barack Obama was actually born in the United States, therefore, making him a “natural born citizen,” as required by the Constitution. Now, it appears, they are engaging in the same activity they have decried as “racist” when it pertains to Texas Senator and GOP hopeful Ted Cruz — though in jest.

Cruz, son of a Cuban immigrant father and an American mother, was born in Canada while his parents were working in the oil industry up there. His mother, Eleanor, was born in Delaware, and his father, Rafael, was born in Cuba, becoming an American citizen later in life. When Senator Cruz was born his mother’s citizenship extended to him, making him a “natural born citizen.”

This has mostly been a non-issue for anyone outside the extremes of the Democratic Party. Had Barack Obama been born in Kenya, as “birthers” claimed, he would still have been a “natural born citizen” because of his mother’s citizenship.

But Democrats decided to keep this non-controversy alive and stir up some interest in their upcoming debate by jabbing Cruz with a tweet: