Raven-Symoné’s Dad: ‘She Says Some Dumb Sh*t’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Raven-Symoné’s father said that even though he did his best raising her, she is prone to saying “some dumb shit” sometimes.

Christopher Pearman’s 29-year-old daughter apologized after she said she wouldn’t hire someone with a ghetto name like “Watermelondrea” during an episode of “The View.”

Raven Symone ghetto names The View

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“There has been much talk today about my daughter’s comments on her show ‘The View,’” Pearman wrote in a Facebook post. “People have been hitting me up all night questioning me about her remarks.” (VIDEO: Is Caitlyn Jenner Against Gay Marriage?)

“Let me say this, I haven’t managed Raven’s career in over 10 years. This woman is grown, has her own management team, has her own opinions, right or wrong, and is responsible for her own words and actions.”

Raven Symone The View ghetto names

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“Children grow up and become influenced by many things, situations and people,” he added. “I certainly don’t agree with what she said….but she is damn near thirty years old. She’s a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes.” (RELATED: Sponsors Yank Ads From ‘The View’ After Disrespectful Nurse Jokes)

He said he still supports his daughter, “even if sometimes… she says some dumb S#%T!” (VIDEO: Raven-Symoné Wants Caitlyn Jenner On ‘The View’?!)