Clinton Supporter Bill Richardson Trashes Hillary And Democratic Party On CNN [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bill Clinton’s secretary of energy and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson insists Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server is a “problem” and thinks “Democrats made a mistake not having debates sooner.”

Richardson, appearing on “CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello” Tuesday claimed, “I think it doesn’t hurt” for Clinton to apologize Tuesday at the first Democratic Party debate. Richardson suggested “the whole nation will be watching, Democratic voters will be watching, and they want to see a little contrition here.”

The Clinton surrogate suggested Hillary should, “just go out and say, ‘look, I made a mistake. I want to put it aside. I’m sorry about it.’”

Richardson also blasted the Democratic National Committee for limiting the number of debates, claiming, “I think the Democrats made a mistake not having debates sooner. Republicans have had two or three. You know, we’ve waited until now.”

Richardson also criticized Clinton for flip-flopping on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and acknowledged her change was politically motivated, insisting “she’s changed her position on the Asia issue, which I regret. I wish she would have stuck with it. But I understand the politics, you know the unions, the labor they’re very important, especially in a state like Nevada, which has a lot of minorities, has labor, has activist voters that are really Hillary Clinton’s base.” (RELATED: Sanders Blasts Hillary: ‘I Did Not Come Out Against TPP Yesterday’)

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