Mac & Cheese Dude Is Sorry For Being An [Incredibly Unpleasant Person]

Jim Treacher | Blogger

It’s been a week since the Internet thrilled to the adventures of Bacon-Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Boy, AKA Luke Gatti. He’s now in some legal trouble, but more importantly, he has incurred the wrath of the Internet. In his latest viral video, he addresses us directly:

The kid seems genuinely contrite. He was young, drunk, and full of himself, and he realizes he was wrong. Let he who is without sin cast the first elbow macaroni.

But I do have one bit of constructive criticism for young Mr. Gatti: When you’re trying to apologize for something that the entire world saw you do, it’s a mistake to express any variation of, “That’s not who I am.” Of course it’s who you are. Otherwise, why are you apologizing?

Everybody knows who you are, bud. Now it’s up to you to show them you can change. If you really mean what you’re saying, then you can do it.

I always laugh when I hear the phrase, “Dance like nobody’s watching.” It’s 2015. Everybody’s watching.

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