Woman Live Streams Herself Drunk Driving, Promptly Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s a stupid idea to drive drunk, but it’s a whole different level of stupid to drive drunk and live stream it to the entire world.

That’s what one Florida woman, Whitney Beall, 23, did in the community of Lakeland, and it didn’t end well for her.

Last Friday night, Beall told her viewers on the Periscope app how drunk she was, saying she hoped she didn’t get a DUI moments before smashing into a curb, according to a local Fox affiliate.


Beall described herself as “fucking drunk” and even gave away the fact she was driving on Interstate 4.

Police used the Periscope app to more precisely track Beall’s location, and eventually spotted her Toyota Corolla with a blown out front tire.

Beall was quickly arrested after failing a field sobriety test.

Sgt. Gary Gross of the Lakeland Police Department described Beall as incredibly drunk, saying, “It’s easy to say, on a scale of one to 10, she was easily a 10 plus.”

Gross added that he was thankful that situation didn’t result in much more damage saying, “Not a lot of people know about Periscope. It’s something that we’re well aware of now. Thank God somebody saw this and they called in to let us know how drunk she was, so that we could get her off the road.”

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