Fluke: Rangers Score One Of The Weirdest Runs In Baseball History [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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In game 5 of the American League Division Series, the Texas Rangers scored a go-ahead run what will go down as one of the strangest ways a run has been scored in Major League Baseball history.

After Ranger Shin-Soo Choo took a pitch with a runner on 3rd, Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin did what catchers always do — throw the ball back to the pitcher. But the throw hit Choo’s outstretched arm while he was still in the batter’s box, careening slowing toward 3rd base. Since Choo was in the batter’s box and time had not been called, the ball was still live.

An alert Rougned Odor, the runner on 3rd, took off toward home and scored, making the score in the top of the 7th inning 3-2.

The home plate umpire had waived his arms, indicating the play was dead while it was transpiring. However, after a conference between all the umpires, the play was allowed to stand and the run counted.

The Blue Jays erupted, officially announcing their intention to protest the call to the league.

The protest became moot in the bottom half of the 7th when the Blue Jays scored 4 runs of their own, ultimately winning the game 6-3 and the series 3 games to 2.