HUGE BEAR Roams High School Hallway, Poops On The Lawn, Disappears [VIDEO]

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Wednesday morning was more exciting than usual at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, Mont. because a big black bear entered the building and roamed down a hallway.

The festivities began at around 7:30 a.m. when a janitor spotted the bear out on the football field, reports the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Next, the animal made its way over to the shop area. A handy open garage bay provided an ideal opportunity to enter the school building.

“Sure enough, it was right there in the hallway,” Bozeman High principal Kevin Conwell told the Chronicle.

Conwell added that the incident was his “first ‘bear-in-a-building’ experience” and that it “definitely raised” his blood pressure.

The “skittish” bear wandered down the long hallway, occasionally sniffing around. At one point, the animal attempted to climb onto a locker — perhaps after catching a whiff of some delicious grub inside.

Several students and staffers watched. Some took photos and video with their mobile phones.

“They were being careful,” Conwell assured the Chronicle. “They were keeping a good, safe distance.”

In due course, the bear decided to leave the halls of Bozeman High via one of the doors a staff member had propped open. It ran west, across the campus lawn — but not before leaving a giant bear poop as a parting gift.

“It left us a nice deposit,” Conwell told the local newspaper.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spokeswoman noted that police then helped the bear find its way well away from the Bozeman High campus. She said state officials hope to monitor the beast if it makes a reappearance.


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