Ivanka Trump Opens Up About Donald: ‘He’s A Formidable Negotiator’

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

During an interview with CNN that airs Wednesday afternoon, Ivanka Trump opened up about what a great father Donald Trump is.

“I have seen what an unbelievable leader he is,” the 33-year-old said. “He is the most formidable negotiator I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of great negotiators.”

Ivanka Trump says Donald would be a great president

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“He is also somebody who really encourages people to achieve at their highest level. He sets very high goals for everyone who works for him and who works with him. But really he helps them raise the bar for themselves in terms of what they want to accomplish.” (RELATED: Ivanka Trump Has Some Big News)

“It’s been amazing. He inspires thousands of people daily at the Trump organization, and I can say he’d be excellent as a president.”

Ivanka Trump supports Donald Trump for president

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Ivanka said she would leave the policies to him, but that she thinks if her dad was president he would do a lot for women in America. (RELATED: Donald Trump To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’)

“He would be amazing for women in this country. He would be incredible.” (RELATED: Ivanka Trump Pregnant With Her Third Child)