Olivia Wilde: Attacks On Hillary Clinton Are Sexist

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Olivia Wilde is frustrated with the attacks on Hillary Clinton because she thinks they are sexist.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, the 31-year-old actress said most of the criticism surrounding Clinton’s presidential campaign is rooted in misogyny.

“It’s pure sexism,” Wilde said the day before the CNN Democratic debate. “This bullshit about her not seeming ‘warm’ enough is pure misogyny. It’s ridiculous.”

Olivia Wilde said Hillary Clinton criticism is sexist

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“I think she’s one of the loveliest, most personable politicians I’ve ever met—much warmer than other politicians, in fact. That’s pure sexism.” (VIDEO: Hillary Clinton: Kim Kardashian Is ‘Inspirational’)

Wilde has previously said that Clinton’s email scandal is a “waste of newsprint.”

“She’s an incredibly skilled debater and her intelligence and experience speaks for itself. That’s the thing about Hillary—when people stop scheming to take her down with bullshit, her actual resume speaks for itself.”

“Everything that’s happened so far in this election has just been ridiculous for the Republican Party, of course, and so illuminating in its transparency, and people are getting inspired by Bernie and inspired by Hillary, and that’s a great thing. People are engaged.” (RELATED: Celebrities Criticize All White Democratic Debate: ‘This Isn’t America’)