Trump: Sanders Let Clinton ‘Off The Hook’ On Her Private Server ‘For The Sake Of A Good Soundbite’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump says that Bernie Sanders let Hillary Clinton “off the hook” regarding her private email server “for the sake of a good soundbite” during the Democratic debate Tuesday.

Trump, appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday, argued Clinton is facing “an FBI investigation on the emails, and he just let her off. And I think that when you’re losing – because he is losing badly if you look nationally – when you’re losing that badly, you have to go a lot stronger.”

Trump also commented on Clinton’s performance during the debate Tuesday night, saying, “Well I think she did what she had to do, frankly. And I was surprised that the other potential candidates, a couple of those shouldn’t have been up there, frankly. And it would’ve been maybe better. And I would’ve liked to see Biden up. But she did what she had to do…  and I thought it was a very calm, very nice, very easy debate.”

Host Joe Scarborough asked Trump if he was “bored” and Trump insisted, “It wasn’t a very exciting debate. I wanted to turn, but I promised people I was going to tweet. I wanted to go off so badly, but I thought it would be – it wouldn’t sound nice if I refused to watch a potential opponent’s debate. It wouldn’t sound right.”

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