London Mayor Boris Johnson Trucks Japanese Kid [VIDEO]

Neal Earley Contributor
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Don’t mess with Boris Johnson.

The mayor of London is a rising star in the Conservative Party across the pond, and could be the United Kingdom’s next prime minister.

The competitive politician won’t let anything stand in his way for his rise to power, not ultra-left wing socialist and Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, not rivals in his own party and definitely not small Japanese school children.

The latter of the three was the latest to feel the blunt end of Johnson’s political machine charging through quite literally on a trip to Tokyo.

Johnson an avid rugby fan and notable large human, decided to participate in a non-contact game of rugby with some school kids.

With total disregard for the meaning of “non-contact” or the fact he was playing school children, Johnson rammed right through a staunch defense of young Japanese kids. Take a look.

Toki Sekiguchi, a 10 year-old school boy from Tokyo, took the blow from the 51 year-old London mayor as he heroically stood his ground to take down Johnson. Afterwards Sekiguchi said he felt a “little pain.”

That pain is just a small taste Johnson’s political rivals will have to deal with as he continues his rise to power. British politicians, take note.