Anti-Wealthy Donor Candidate Bernie Sanders Hangs With Rich Hollywood Contributors

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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So much for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ claim he snubs “millionaires and billionaires,” The New York Times reports.

Sanders was wined and dined at a high dollar fund-raiser at the Hollywood home of Syd Leibovitch, a real estate a successful real estate mogul, and his wife, Linda, on Wednesday night.

The Times, obtained a copy of the invitation to the fancy event, showing tickets went for $500 each. However, persons who gave the maximum $2,700 or raised $10,000, were invited to a “pre-event reception.”

The invitation reads:

Please join me in supporting Bernie. I believe that every American has a responsibility to participate in our democracy and that’s why I’m supporting Bernie Sanders. He has consistently stood up against big money in politics and has been unwavering in his commitment to working people. Healthcare, education, clean water and air — these are but a few of our inalienable rights as Americans and rights that Bernie has consistently fought for. Join me as we ignite the revolution that catapults us to greatness.


Not only did people with deep pockets, which included Cindy Asner, former wife to actor Ed Asner, actress Mimi Kennedy, Hollywood P.R. executive Benjamin Decker attended, the rock group America also played a special performance at the event. According to The Times, around $150,000 was likely raised from the event of 300 guests.

The Sanders camp insists the Vermont senator is not contradicting himself, saying he still does not have a super PAC and the event in Hollywood was not necessarily “high-dollar.”