Police Intervene During Alcohol-Fueled Dispute Johnny Manziel Had With His Girlfriend

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cleveland Browns quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has a history of getting into trouble off the field, but after going to rehab for alcohol-related reasons, Manziel had done a good job of avoiding negative attention.

However, police had to be called when a domestic dispute between Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Elizabeth Crowley allegedly got out of control Monday night, and the police revealed that both of them had been drinking, according to ABC affiliate NewsNet5.

Witnesses told the police that the two were involved in a heated argument when Crowley attempted to get out of the vehicle while it as on the road. A second witness called the police after Manziel pulled the car over to search for his wallet which had been thrown out of the window by Crowley.

Crowley claimed that Manziel pushed her head into a window because she wanted her cell phone fearing for her safety. The police confirmed that Crowley had physical marks of a struggle on her body, but Manziel said they are a result of him trying to stop her from getting out of a moving car.

When the police contacted Manziel and Crowley they did not feel either was intoxicated to the point they could be arrested, and Crowley refused to press charges for anything further so Manziel was allowed to leave.

Manziel took to Twitter to defend himself against the allegation of assault.

Crowley also took to Instagram to explain the situation with a post that has now been deleted but can be found at

“J & I are good. I appreciate the people who stopped to check on us and call the police. Could see how it may have looked. Anytime anyone sees a guy and a girl arguing on the side of a road they should definitely stop, you never know what that could be. Fortunately it was just an argument, it was private, and we are all good!”

According to ESPN reporter Tony Grossi, the Cleveland Browns intend to play Manziel despite the current situation. 

The NFL administration had not yet issued a statement on the situation. Follow David on Twitter