Driver’s Ed Student Fails License Test After Plowing Her Car INTO DRIVING SCHOOL

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A driver’s education student smashed her car right through the plate-glass window of a driver instruction school in the suburbs of Seattle on Friday morning.

The student, a twentysomething woman from another country, was taking her final test before getting her Washington driver’s license when the incident occurred, reports Seattle, Wash. radio station KOMO.

She failed the test.

A police photograph shows the Bellevue 911 Driving School & DOL Testing Center after the wreck. The collision destroyed the entire right half of the plate glass in front of the testing center. The glass door remained intact but the glass part was entirely shattered. Also, the driver just missed a Shasta vending machine.

The sporty, blue, dual exhaust Audi sedan sustained some damage.

No people were injured.

The driver was pulling into a parking space and concluding her otherwise successful driving test when the car-and-building pile-up occurred.

“Unfortunately, that student mistook the gas pedal for the brake, sending the car into the building,” Bellevue police spokesman Seth Tyler told KOMO.

“She was doing great up until that very last part,” Tyler added.

“Hopefully she can get more instruction and a chance to retest,” the hopeful police spokesman also said.

The 911 Driving School in Bellevue gets a 3.5-star rating overall at Yelp.

Satisfied customers describe the employees as “professional, friendly, kind and knowledgeable.” There’s a “fun, relaxed atmosphere,” they say.

Unhappy customers say the employees don’t provide adequate instruction.

“I don’t know if my experience is unique but I really think this driving school sucks,” one user complained on the crowd-sourced reviews website.

The (unblemished) Chinese restaurant two doors down from 911 Driving School — Peking — reportedly has great sesame chicken.

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