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Hillary Campaign Accused Of Trolling Anti-Clinton Book On Amazon

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign is allegedly waging its own little war on GOP political operative Roger Stone’s new book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” deluging Amazon.com with negative reviews and convincing MSNBC to nix his scheduled appearance yesterday just minutes before air time.

Stone told New York Post gossip columnist Richard Johnson that his publisher confirmed with Amazon that a slew of one star reviews of his tawdry book, which claims Chelsea Clinton’s real father is former Hillary law partner Webster Hubbell, all originated from IP addresses at Clinton campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

The bogus reviews popped up immediately upon release of the book on October 13. But have been removed as of Tuesday morning.

Stone told me that the “panties-wearing Hillary fan boys at Media Matters” have worked in tandem with the Clinton machine to shut down his scheduled media interviews about the book, which includes an introduction by Katherine Wiley, who famously accused Bill of sexually assaulting her when she was a White House volunteer.

The book, Amazon’s number one political history bestseller, also details a litany of alleged sexual marauding by Bill Clinton, dating back to his college days. And says Hillary worked with private detectives to silence his victims.

You would think a cable channel like MSNBC that frets about women’s issues would want to hear all about that.

Stone was scheduled to appear on Thomas Roberts’ MSNBC show yesterday afternoon. But just 45 minutes before air time, with a car sent by MSNBC waiting in Stone’s driveway, Roberts’ producer called his publicist to cancel, supposedly because they were overbooked, he says.

The former Nixon campaign aide said friendly MSNBC sources later explained that the cable channel, “got pressure from corporate and they got pressure from Clinton [people].”

Stone relates that he was also dis-invited by several NPR affiliates and Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” with Larry Wilmore. He speculates that Media Matters tracks his scheduled appearances and falsely tell prospective interviewers that his book was discredited.

“This book is their worst nightmare. Yeah, I’m a partisan. I’m a hyperpartisan. But this book is true. Hillary is a fraud. She is not an advocate for women or children. She is a rapacious nasty career politician with a taste of good life. And her husband is a serial rapist. She is an enabler,” Stone said.

The MSNBC press office and Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon did not respond to requests or comment.

But Fallon last month reportedly vowed to top fundraisers that they would make a calculated effort to discredit Stone’s book.

“We know that more stuff is coming, we know that in the next few weeks, there’s another anti-Clinton book coming out written by Roger Stone,” Fallon said, according to Capital New York. “When this Roger Stone book comes out — we’ll obtain the book. Our research team will be able to go through it … and with the Benghazi hearing, there will be a great amount of prep work that goes into that. There will be a war room set up to deal with that to deal with that.”

If so, why didn’t Fallon ask his beneficiaries for money to hire people who at least know how to mask IP addresses?