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Prediction: Nothing Will Come Of Hillary Clinton’s Testimony On Benghazi

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She’ll get away with lying about it, again, because the media is made up of Democrats and they want to keep control of the White House.

They’ll cover for her, just like they always do:

At this point, nobody who chooses to believe her, or to believe that it doesn’t matter what she’s done, is going to suddenly change their minds. They’ll keep shrieking “BENGHAZI!!!” like the mindless children they are. They’ll keep mocking the memory of the Americans she abandoned to die. They’ll keep mocking the very concept of truth.

And those of us who are smarter and more honest than that aren’t going to suddenly stop seeing her for who she really is.

Zero sum.

Hillary Clinton is hopelessly corrupt, and so are the people we rely on to give us the news. We’re not tired of hearing about her e-mails. We’re not tired of hearing about Benghazi. We’re tired of being lied to. We’re tired of this.

P.S. Case in point: Hillary Told Daughter Chelsea That Terrorists Were Behind Benghazi Attack The Night It Happened. What’s Chelsea’s security clearance? Just kidding. It doesn’t matter. And then Hillary lied and lied and lied to the rest of us, as we’ve known all along. And it doesn’t matter, because the truth doesn’t matter.