Barney Frank: Biden Didn’t Run Because He Didn’t Think He Could Beat Hillary [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Barney Frank says the reason Joe Biden didn’t run for president was because he didn’t think he could beat Hillary Clinton.

Frank, appearing on ABC’s “The View” Friday, was asked if the reason Biden was not running for president was because “he didn’t think he could beat Hillary.”

“Probably,” Frank initially replied. “Look, he has had a very great career. And he’s obviously sort of sad about it. I think the way it worked out, I think that’s right.”

“Look Joe Biden, as able as he is, twice ran for president and didn’t do very well,” Frank said. “It’s paradoxical. Some of the things that are most endearing about him is humanity, his openness serve not to make him a good presidential candidate. I wish that weren’t the case. I think it’s particularly now, if he came in, there would be a lot of anger and he wouldn’t not be helpful.”

Frank, who is supporting Clinton for president, was later asked about Bernie Sanders and if “a 74-year-old Jewish socialist is electable.”

Frank, who is 75 years old and Jewish responded, “If I thought a 75-year-old Jewish, very liberal was very electable, I would not be supporting Bernie Sanders, I would be running.”

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