Trump Slams Carson As “‘Super Low Energy” [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Republican candidate Donald Trump labeled his rival Dr. Ben Carson as having “super low energy” at a Miami rally Friday night, just days after Carson knocked him out of the lead in two Iowa polls.

Trump shared with the crowd a conversation that he had with an unidentified friend about Governor Jeb Bush and the retired neurosurgeon:

Ben Carson is the one that is leading Iowa. Supposedly. Okay? I got to talk about him.

A friend of mine who happens to be a great, great athlete. He happens to be African-American. He calls himself black. He says, ‘I’m black.’

I said, ‘I can’t tell you that. It’s not politically correct.’

He said, ‘Donald, you’re the greatest trash talker.’

He says to me, ‘I never thought I’d say it about a white guy.

Can you believe this?

And I said, ‘I don’t know if that’s true or not…’

He says, ‘When you said, low energy for Bush, you defined him so incredibly. It was over. He can have $125 million in the bank, Donald. It’s over! It was just defined.’

I said, ‘But Ben Carson is super low energy, right? He’s super low. Super low energy.’

“We need tremendous energy. We need tremendous energy!” Trump rallied the crowd.

Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics released an Iowa poll on Friday, which shows Carson with 28 percent, beating Trump by nine points. Quinnipiac’s Iowa survey on Thursday showed Carson with an 8 percentage point lead over Trump, 28 to 20 percent.

Trump dismissed the new Iowa polls at the Miami rally.

“I don’t believe those polls, by the way. Because both of those pollsters do not like me. I’m telling you. Now, I’m not saying anything that goes on illicitly with polling, okay? I would never, ever say that! But both of those polling groups do not like me at all, and I disagree. Don’t believe it,” Trump said.