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Former Congressional Investigator: Gowdy Was The Wrong Man For The Job [VIDEO]

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Having filed a criminal referral on Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff in the 1990s, Dave Bossie, a former congressional investigator, brings a particular set of skills when he observes Republicans battling the Obama and Clinton team.

Today, Bossie sits atop Citizens United, a political operation designed to advance the conservative agenda through campaigns, films and policy work.

Deferential to [crscore]Trey Gowdy[/crscore]’s character and intellect, Bossie admits he tried, unsuccessfully, to offer the Benghazi committee advice, having tangled with the Clinton machine in the 1990s. Regretfully, Bossie says in this video interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, “Gowdy was the wrong man to be chairman.”

He continues, “there’s a difference between the court of law and the court of public opinion,” and decries “chairmen who believe they’re in a court of law and act as though they are in a court of law.”

When the Clinton machine discards truth, those abiding by “Marquess of Queensberry rules” don’t have a chance, he says.

A revealing Politico story described Hillary Clinton’s surrogates manipulating what the public took away from her appearance before, during and after the hearing.

Now, Clinton’s audaciously raising money from her purported success against the Republicans. Carl Bernstein rallied for Clinton and against the Republicans on Democrat-leaning outlets .

Yet, family members of those whose lives were lost in Benghazi felt betrayed by Clinton’s testimony.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly highlighted Mrs. Clinton’s emails revealed by Rep. [crscore]Jim Jordan[/crscore] that showed that while Hillary Clinton, and the whole Obama team, blamed an anti-Muslim video to Americans, she told her family and the Egyptian prime minister the truth as she knew it then.

The truth was that the video had nothing to do with the attack on the anniversary of 9/11 in Benghazi. For Mrs. Clinton to tell family members of the fallen one thing while telling her family the truth may, with time, end up eroding the Clinton machine’s purported success last week.

One family member of the fallen at Benghazi and some national security specialists hoped Republicans would focus on the key matter of what America was doing in Libya. They believe Obama’s adventurism in Libya was when America switched sides on the war on terror and began running guns to dangerous jihadis in service to a White House agenda of supporting the Arab Spring.

Bossie credits “naivete” for the Obama administration’s “kumbaya” thinking of America’s adversaries. He calls on President Obama “to put aside his bravado” to allow the truth of Benghazi’s failed policies and processes to be revealed, so that the tragedy of Benghazi never happens again.

Later in the video interview, Bossie explains the sense of betrayal the grassroots feel at Republican leaders, resulting in the demise of House Speaker [crscore]John Boehner[/crscore] and the expected rise of [crscore]Paul Ryan[/crscore]. Anti-Washington sentiment is growing, as Obama continues, unopposed, to fundamentally transform the nation with a timid Republican Congress. Trump, on the other hand, authentically speaks truth to power, Bossie explains.

Mentioning the surprising hostility expressed towards Senator [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] by former President George W. Bush, Senate Majority Leader [crscore]Mitch McConnell[/crscore] and the anti-Cruz efforts by Republican leaders in the House, Bossie says, “it makes me love Ted Cruz even more.”

He says, “Cruz is smarter, tougher and more tenacious” than all these Republican establishment leaders. Not to mention, Bossie says, Cruz is well positioned in the race for president, too.

For more on David Bossie and Citizens United, you can see their work at Citizens United, on their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter at @Citizens_United or @David_Bossie.

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