Chewbacca Arrested In Ukraine While Campaigning For Darth Vader

Jessie Cohen Contributor
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A man dressed as Chewbacca was arrested on Sunday in Odessa, Ukraine while campaigning near polling locations for Darth Vader, the legal name of one of the candidates.

The two characters were campaigning for Vader in the mayoral elections, which is a violation of the local law on election day. The man dressed as Darth Vader has been campaigning for the Internet Party of Ukraine for years.

Sky News explained, “Ukraine’s local election law forbids candidates from canvassing on the day of the voting and Chewbacca was taken into custody after failing to show police his ID”.

After four officers restrained and handcuffed the man he insisted that he could not pay his $7.48 fine, 170 hryvnia. He explained in court that his intergalactic bank does not have a branch on this planet.

The Internet Party has a history of “Star Wars”-themed campaigns. They secured 0.36 percent of the vote in the 2014 parliamentary elections but did not win.