Candidate Donald Trump Gets GLOWING Profile In Elitist Magazine ‘Of The Wealthiest 1 Percent’

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This month’s edition of Jetset magazine features a cover story endorsing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Jetset magazine is “the #1 affluent lifestyle print and online resource with a targeted VIP subscriber list of the wealthiest 1%,” according to its own description.

The lengthy, flattering article by self-help author and motivational guru Robert Kiyosaki praises Trump’s entrepreneurial ability and his desire to extend Obamacare by providing free health care and dental care for all Americans until they reach the age of 18.

Kiyosaki says he “first met Donald” in 2004 in New York City because they were “both speakers at a large real estate investor forum.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Earned Huge Speaking Fees From Company Alleged To Be A Pyramid Scheme)

Kiyosaki declares that both he and Trump are teachers who speak “on the importance of financial education.”

He believes Trump can unite all Americans by instructing them “on the importance of financial education.”

Trump can speak authoritatively, Kiyosaki believes, because Trump is the only 2016 Republican presidential candidate who “has a proven record of making money.”

“People often say, ‘Our children are our future,’ and Donald knows we need to prepare our children for a very different future, which is why financial education is so important,” the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author states in the elitist magazine.

Kiyosaki also believes Trump will be able to use the U.S. presidency to condition Americans “to get ahead in this economy as entrepreneurs.”

In addition, the Jetset author says both he and Trump are concerned “that millions of baby boomers will run out of money during their ‘golden years,’ driving a shopping cart, rather than their old Toyota in retirement.” Trump will prevent this calamity by instituting a program which will rein in government spending while simultaneously and dramatically increasing interest rates (but not inflation) in some unspecified way.

“Back in 1970, if a saver put one million in the bank, the saver might earn as much as 15% interest or $150,000 a year,” Kiyosaki writes. “Back in 1970, a saver could live on $150,000 a year. In 2015, if a saver put one million in the bank, the saver might receive 2% interest or $20,000 a year.”

In 1970, the U.S. inflation rate was a robust 5.7 percent for the year. Thus far in 2015, the inflation rate has hovered between -0.2 percent and 0.2 percent.

Kiyosaki lauds Trump for his bankruptcies. He describes Trump’s multiple corporate bankruptcies as “a business tool.”

“Americans are sick and tired of corporate and political greed and incompetence in running our country,” he writes. That’s why “everyday Americans love Donald Trump.”

Kiyosaki extols Trump for his celebrated negotiating acumen and his reputation as “a fighter.” Also, Trump is no “callous capitalist.” “Long before Obamacare,” Kiyosaki assures readers, “Donald spoke about providing free health and dental care for all children, up to the age of 18,” regardless of the resources their parents have. (RELATED: From High Taxes To National Health Care, Donald Trump Must Reckon With His Progressive Past)

Jetset magazine assures advertisers that it “reaches the ultra affluent” by utilizing distribution channels with “throughout hundreds of private jet terminals, yacht clubs, and other exclusive locations.”

Other current articles on the Jetset website include “Luxury Jet Trading,” “Other People’s Money, the Power of Using Debt” and “Elevating the Bar, MJM Yachts [sic] Obsession with Luxury Power and Perfection.”

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