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Dude Dressed As Batman Goes On Crime Spree

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Thank you, dumb criminals. No matter how depressing life gets, no matter how senseless the world becomes, at least I can console myself with the knowledge that I’m not you.


A man who dressed as Batman is behind bars after committing a crime spree in Orange County on Monday, according to police.

The suspect, believed to be in his 20s, robbed a victim of jewelry…

About 20 minutes later… the masked man targeted a second victim at gunpoint…

About two and a half hours later, with help from Orange County sheriff’s deputies in a helicopter and their canines, officers caught the man lying in [an apartment complex] pool area alone in his underwear.

Police said the suspect was trying to blend in as one of the tenants…

In the comics, Bruce Wayne is a master of disguise. So at least this genius was in the same ballpark there. Otherwise, he got it all wrong. Batman fights crime. He stops muggers. And Catwoman is the one who likes jewelry.


If you’re going to dress up like a comic-book character to commit crimes, at least know the difference between the superheroes and the supervillains. That’s just embarrassing, bro. Educate yourself. #smdh

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Jim Treacher