Mets Fans Are Not Happy The New York Governor Is Scalping World Series Tickets

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The New York Mets are back in the World Series for the first time since 2000, and Mets fans are not pleased with Governor Andrew Cuomo scalping tickets for the upcoming games against the Kansas City Royals. According to the New York Post, the governor’s campaign is selling these tickets at a massive price hike to fundraise for his campaign.

Cuomo is hocking tickets to the third and forth game of the World Series at a steep $5,500 each, so donors can spend 90 minutes at a pregame party with the governor himself, the Post reported. (RELATED: Congressman Loses MLB Postseason Bet, Sings ‘Meet The Mets’ On House Floor [VIDEO])

And some fans are not happy Cuomo is driving up the price of the ticket market, especially since he’s using the tickets to finance his campaign.

“I get that he’s taking advantage of the Mets doing good, but there’s no room for politics in baseball,” Mets fan Terrence White told the Post.

The campaign allegedly bought an unspecified amount of tickets at face value from the Mets, but staff have not released just how much it paid for the directly purchased tickets. The New York Post, however, reported World Series tickets start at $125. (RELATED: Ex-MLB’er Used Private Investigators To Dig Up Sex Scandals And Blackmail Umpires [VIDEO])

Cuomo will also be attending the first two games of the World Series in Kansas City on the dime of his campaign. But, according to The Buffalo News, transportation is being given to him by Mets’ owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon, who are flying the governor out on a private jet.

“It’s sad when you can have a fan who, this is their life-long dream, and they can’t go,” Mets Fan Piti Rivera told the Post.

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