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#NotAllMuslims Win $240,000 Illinois Lawsuit For Refusing To Do Their Jobs


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In the United States of America, people can’t refuse to provide goods and services to others for religious reasons. Unless, of course, those people are Muslims.

Andy Kravetz, Peoria Journal Star:

Two men who used to work at a Morton-based trucking company were awarded $240,000 by a federal jury after a judge here found the company violated their religious beliefs.

According to a 2013 lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, the men, Mahad Abass Mohamed (formerly known as Mahad Aden) and Abdikarim Hassan Bulshale (formerly known as Abdikarim Ismail), had refused to deliver alcohol for Star Transport Inc., saying it was against their religious values as practicing Muslims.

As such, the men were fired…

Whether the men collect their money is another story. Star Transport went out of business earlier this year and it’s unknown who is now responsible for the judgment.

The moral of the story: If you refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because it’s against your religion, you can lose your business and face financial ruin. If you fire your workers for refusing to deliver alcohol because it’s against their religion, you can lose your business and face financial ruin.

And what happens if a Muslim bakery refuses to make a cake for a gay wedding? Nothing.

In any and every dispute, Muslims are the victims and Christians are the oppressors. Don’t count on the law to protect your rights, Christians, unless you’re willing to convert.

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