Bobby Jindal Claims Credit For Trump’s Falling Iowa Poll Numbers

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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BOULDER, Colo. — Ben Carson has eclipsed Donald Trump in a couple of recent Iowa polls — and Bobby Jindal thinks he deserves some of the credit.

“Since we started attacking him his numbers in Iowa have gone down — he’s peaked in Iowa,” the Louisiana governor told a group of reporters in the spin room after participating in CNBC’s undercard debate. “According to the last NBC poll, we were in the top five. We’ve actually gone up in Iowa.”

Jindal began attacking Trump in early September, earning his campaign more press than it has so far received to date.

Pressed by a reporter whether he really thinks he is responsible for Carson overtaking Trump in Iowa, Jindal said he deserved some credit.

“I’m saying they’ve gone down for a number of reasons,” Jindal explained. “But after we started attacking him his numbers did peak.”

“I think they’ve gone down in large part because of what he says, you know, what he does,” he added. “I think he is his own worst enemy. The reality is I think voters are looking for an authentic conservative. That’s not Donald Trump.”

A Daily Caller request to the Trump campaign for comment was not immediately returned.

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