Graham Is The Only Candidate To Address Hillary Downplaying Deadly VA Scandal [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During the CNBC’s undercard Republican debate, Lindsey Graham was the only candidate to address the Department of Veterans Affairs’ backlog and health care scandal.

Furthermore, Graham criticized Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for saying the problems presented by the scandal are not nearly as “widespread” as Republicans have made them out to be. (VIDEO: Hillary Says VA’s Problems Aren’t As ‘Widespread’ As GOP Claims)

GRAHAM: Thank you for having me here tonight … Here’s my take on things. Without national security, there is no economic security. Without the sacrifice of the veterans, all of our hopes and dreams are at risk. Just a few days ago, Hillary Clinton said that the problems with the V.A. are being exaggerated by Republicans. They are not. They are real.

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