Iran Violating UN Embargo By Shipping Weapons To Syria Via Russia

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Fox News is reporting Wednesday that Russia is helping Iran ship weapons into Syria, a violation of the arms embargo established by two United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Twice a day for the past ten days, Russian cargo planes have transported weapons into the Russian air base at Latakia, Syria via unregistered civilian flights. (RELATED: Dem Rep Adam Schiff Blasts Obama For Working With Iran In Syria)

According to the Fox News report, Iranian General Qassem Soulimeini, head of the Al-Quds force, Vladimir Putin, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu are coordinating the air lift. Iranian airline Mahan Air is also flying military personnel from Tehran into Syria multiple times a day. (RELATED: ‘Thousands’ Of Iranians Enter Syria’s Next Big Battlefield)

According to the New Yorker, multiple high ranking Iranian military officials have been killed in recent month including two generals in October alone. However, according to Fox News, Iran denies the presence of combat troops in Iran.

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