Carson After Debate: Media Have A ‘Secular, Progressive Agenda’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Following Wednesday’s CNBC-moderated GOP debate, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stated that media outlets irresponsibly promote a “secular, progressive agenda.”

When asked by the Media Research Center if “the mainstream media got the message tonight,” Carson simply answered, “no.”

“Because they don’t want to get the message,” the former neurosurgeon added. “I think they have an agenda. It’s going to take a lot of this.” (RELATED: Republican Candidates Turn On CNBC Moderators During Debate)


Carson wasn’t the only the only candidate to make such a statement. During the debate, Sen. Marco Rubio blasted the media’s glorification of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony as the “greatest week” in her campaign. (RUBIO: Hillary Has The Ultimate Super PAC Called ‘The Mainstream Media’ [VIDEO])

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