Sports Illustrated Model Defends Right To Wear Skimpy Clothing: ‘If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It’

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is defending her right to wear revealing clothing after she was criticized for wearing short shorts.

Samantha Hoopes was at Earth Bar in Hollywood earlier this week when several people made a comment about her shorts, and one woman even took a picture and posted it on her Instagram with a mean comment, Hoopes said.

So the 24-year-old model returned to the coffee bar in an even skimpier outfit because she said she has a right to wear whatever clothing she wants. (VIDEO: This Has Got To Be THE MOST Patriotic Carl’s Jr. Commercial Yet)

“On the way in some other girl’s taking a picture of my ass,” Hoopes told TMZ. “Another girl’s like where’s your pants?”

“If you have a nice butt you might as well flaunt it. Wear what you want to wear.”

“I have really long legs and sometimes things just fit differently.” (RELATED: This Sports Illustrated Model Just Put Instagram’s No Nipple Policy To The Test)