US Navy Displays Newest Submarine, And It’s A Machine Of Absolute Power And Destruction

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The Virginia-class USS John Warner is the newest submarine of the United States Navy, and it’s one of the most powerful military machines ever produced.

Admiral Jonathan Greenert told Value Walk the submarine is “the most high-tech, it is the most lethal warship pound for pound that we have in our inventory.”

The underwater tank is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, including 12 Tomahawk cruise missiles stored in vertical launch tubes at the front of the submarine. The sub is even capable of carrying nuclear warheads or bunker busting bombs, according to Value Walk.

The submarine is also equipped with Mk60 CAPTOR mines, Mk48 heavyweight torpedoes, and other weapon capabilities that haven’t been publicly released. The large arsenal allows the USS John Warner to serve a variety of different missions. (RELATED: US Military Displays New Vehicle And It’s Absolutely Amazing)

Value Walk reported on Wednesday, the cutting-edge ship’s nuclear reactor will never need to be refueled during its 33-year expected lifetime. The submarine will only need to stop to restock supplies like food for the crew.

“The only reason we have to come back is because our freezer isn’t big enough,” Commander Daniel Caldwell joked when referencing the USS John Warner’s expansive ability to roam the planet. (RELATED: Lockheed Martin Displays Newest F-16 Model, And It’s AWESOME)

Caldwell also told CNN that the USS John Warner is, “The shiniest and coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my military career.”

CNN reported the USS John Warner cost $2 billion to build.

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