Brokaw Blasts CNBC Moderators: ‘They Should Be Seen But Not Heard’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former host of NBC “Nightly News” Tom Brokaw blasted the CNBC moderation of the Republican debate insisting the moderators should be like “children, they should be seen but not heard.”

Appearing on “Morning Joe” Friday, Brokaw argued that there need to be three changes to the debate format. “First of all, there’s too many people on the stage. Secondly, it’s kind of a big game of gotcha both on the stage and too many moderators up there.”

Brokaw recommended, “I would break it up into segments in which we’re going to do just foreign policy and we’re going to encourage you, [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] to defend your plan against Donald Trump.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: The CNBC Debate Was A ‘Kill Show’ To ‘Grease The Skids For Hillary’)

“And by the way, Mr. Trump give us details on how you’re going to change the military in this country so they can be more effective against ISIS,” suggested Brokaw. “We went in there with the best military in the world and let the stage take over in terms of a real dialogue that is going on. Moderators are like children, they should be seen but not heard.” (RELATED: CNN’s Brian Stelter: CNBC Moderators ‘Lost Control Of The Debate’ And Won’t Host A Debate Next Time)

Host Joe Scarborough added, “These debates have been jokes” and “whether you talk about the first Fox debate or the first question of the CNBC debate, the moderators make it all about themselves.” (RELATED: Scarborough: ‘There Is A Built-In Bias For Donald Trump’s Collapse’)

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