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Advocate For Victims Of Illegal Aliens: Trump’s Message ‘Resonates With All Demographics’ [VIDEO]

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With rising crime, the Obama administration’s massive prisoner release, a dysfunctional open border and loosened refugee policies, some who defend victims of crime are losing their patience.

Maria Espinoza, the passionate national director of The Remembrance Project in Houston, TX, was in Washington, D.C. recently to announce November 1 as the group’s annual memorial day for The National Remembrance Day for the Victims Killed By Illegal Aliens.

Espinoza calls on Washington to “place Americans first” as “Americans are being killed by people who shouldn’t even be here.”

Recalling what the father of slain 18-year-old Joshua Wilkerson told Espinoza about his own experience, that if Americans can’t put Americans first, they should be prepared to “go home and gather your children and choose the one you will sacrifice.”

The family’s tortured experience with losing their son to an illegal alien even prompted Laura Wilkerson to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 21. But the grief from reliving the trauma was so much, her husband collapsed in the room.

The Remembrance Project has 30 state chapters and uses three feet by six feet banners, depicting the faces of the Americans fallen to raise awareness of the lives lost by illegal aliens through their “Stolen Lives Quilt” initiative.

These families, who have their “own personal 9/11 of awakening and devastation,” as the Wilkersons describe it, feel that open borders are taking their family members away. They blame policy makers who are not keeping Americans safe, as they follow controversial advice by consultants and pollsters who believe open borders or loose immigration is what helps politicians win Hispanic voters.

For Espinoza, who some call a liberty-loving Latino, it is “offensive to pander to lawlessness.”

When asked who has hurt and helped their effort the most, she credits the families themselves who speak out simply so that other lives could be saved.

She also credits presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who effectively and finally brought these tragedies to the public square. Having toiled for six years to put these killings in front of the public, she says the families have been ecstatic with the presidential candidate lending his voice for their cause. You can see by Trump’s popularity, she says, “it resonates with all demographics.”

Surprisingly, she blames Fox’s Bill O’Reilly for damaging their cause.

“I would have liked to see Bill O’Reilly focus on ending sanctuary city policy. That is where the media and the whole narrative was going toward,” she said in this exclusive video interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Then, he introduced Kate’s law. In my opinion, he derailed the sanctuary city momentum.”

Espinoza is also still angry that Rep. Luis Guttierez was not sanctioned and condemned for saying that the killing of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien in the sanctuary city of San Francisco was a “small thing.”

Espinoza’s low budget non-profit is in need of support, researchers and more activists. Find more information on this website for your state leader or to support their cause.

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