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Apparently, Ben Carson Is A ‘Token’ And A ‘Safe Negro’

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Hey, that’s not me saying it. That’s our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters saying it.

First up, we have Brian Beutler of the New Republic:

Beutler is responding to Jonah Goldberg’s assertion that Ben Carson is arguably “more authentically African-American” than Barack Obama, just because neither of Carson’s parents were white. This is racist because Goldberg is a white person who isn’t a liberal, even though plenty of black people of all ideological stripes have the same opinion.

And so, of course, Ben Carson is a “token,” because otherwise Brian Beutler would have to reexamine his own prejudices. He can’t conceive of anyone disagreeing with him in good faith, so it’s simply impossible. Too bad for you, Dr. Carson, and too bad for anybody who claims they would vote for you.

And then there are these geniuses on MSNBC this weekend:

Did you get that? If you criticize Obama, that’s racist because his dad was black. And if you agree with Ben Carson when he criticizes Obama, that’s racist because… er… both of Carson’s parents were black, so he’s a “safe negro” because… um… Well, let’s not get bogged down in the details. The point is, there’s no way to disagree with Obama in good faith. There’s no problem that can’t be explained away by calling someone a racist.

You see, liberals who are obsessed with race aren’t racist. You’re racist for pointing out their obsession with race. If you refuse to divide people into groups by the way they look — regardless of what they do and say as individual human beings, with thoughts and feelings of their own — how in the world can you claim you’re not a racist?

You racist.

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